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DIGIEX is the AI Software Engineering leader of the blockchain gaming space. Our full-stack Ethereum smart contract helps everyone to generate networks and enables future growth.

DIGIEX decentralized finance protocol technology increase and change platform that enables users to create transaction between DIGIX token directly with the AI blockchain smart contract along avoiding the need for counter parties.

This decentralized finance protocol mechanism solves the liquidity and slippage issues which is more experienced and fast from DEX's. DIGIX token holders are incentive to stake their tokens as they are paid 0.15% daily of the total number of tokens of DIGIX they staked.

The Future of DeFi in the Palm of Your Hand


Decentralized Finance Casino Platform

The DIGIEX protocol employs a combination of Ethereum AI smart contracts, a native ERC20 standard.

Decentralized Finance Digital Asset Exchange

Our Exchange is designed to be the best place to swap and farm DeFi coins at the best available rate.

Decentralized Social Connect Application

DIGIEX was heavily focused on its new blockchain application which can help everyone to make video conferencing, voice chat with heavy scale.

Decentralized Finance Liquidity Platform

DIGIEX protocol enable users to participate in fee generation and liquidity farming with staking and reward users with a token disbursement program.

DIGIX Platform connect the world with DeFi Protocol

To Unlock the Future


DIGIX Token Crowd-sale

DIGIX Crowd-sales bring in millions of extra dollars and create an active community from day one which doesn't hurt either anyone.

Affiliate Commission

DIGIEX allows you to earn commission on people that you refer as well as the people you refer who refer other people. affiliate commissions directly come to your wallet address.

Power Staking Pools.

DIGIX process of staking tokens in a specific wallet and performing various network functions to receive a reward.

DIGIEX Passive Income

DIGIEX provides for an alternative way to earn passive income in lieu of services offered by exchanges.

Lending Protocol

DIGIX process of locking up funds on P2P and pooled lending platforms for a period of time to earn interest.

Liquidity Provision

DIGIEX protocol perspective, a token issuer or DIGIX rewards liquidity miners for providing liquidity to a specific token.

The DIGIEX Protocol

Important Features
The World’s 1st Unbiased Currency

The Digiex token Protocol is a DeFi infrastructure that create the millions of Opportunity to grow. It is a Growing Decentralized Finance Asset Ecosystem

DIGIX Token Growth

The purpose of the DIGIX token protocol is to enable the blockchain network to calculate the theoretical token price.


The staking reward distribution will span over ten rounds. DIGIX Holders will need to lock their DIGIX in the Staking dApp.

Hypothetical AMM

DIGIX Hypothetical AMM is a priceless automated market maker. It determines the token price based on the volatility.

A Growing Ecosystem can Unlock Your Future.

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